Support for ERC20 payments in eCommerce – June 29

Current Bitcoin Price: $5893 (as of 10:35 AM PST)

The market has continued to drop a further 5-10% over the last two days, leaving Bitcoin just below the heavily-tested $6000 support line. In fact, Bitcoin has taken the least damage among major coins — as it’s only down by 3.5%.

That’s not to say it’s all red, though. Like on Wednesday, there are still a dozen coins that have been weathering the storm — Dash (DASH, #13) is one of them.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 29th June 2018

Support for ERC20 payments in eCommerce

eCommerce is a booming industry — who doesn’t shop online these days? Shopify and WooCommerce are two of the major platforms for building eCommerce stores, and there’s been lots of talking of integrating crypto payments.

The Request Network (REQ, #150) has just done that for both platforms, allowing payment with any ERC20 tokens, which are tokens based off of the Ethereum blockchain.

Major corporations continue to file blockchain patents

In 2017, just over 1200 blockchain patents were filed. However, interest is continuing to grow among major companies like Bank of America, Mastercard, and IBM.

While on the one hand this is great news, some are concerned about what exactly these patents will mean for the otherwise free and ungoverned space of blockchain development.

Coinbase opens Portland office with talk of 100 employees

Coinbase is getting scores of new users every day. While that’s fortifying their ranking as the world’s favorite crypto-fiat exchange, it’s starting to mean chaos for the fast-growing company.

To combat this, Coinbase has announced that they’ll be opening an office in Portland. The company has plans to hire 100 employees for that location by the end of this year.