Nicehash controls 51%+ of DASH hashrate – January 10

Current Bitcoin Price: $3656 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency market has taken a significant hit today, with most currencies falling between 10% and 15% over the last 24 hours. Despite trading in the red by more than 9%, Bitcoin is one of the better performing coins today.

As is typical on bearish days, stablecoins such as Tether and USD Coin have trended up a few fractions of a percent as users “tether” up to hedge themselves against the bloodbath.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 10th January 2018

Nicehash controls 51%+ of DASH hashrate

With most blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, controlling a majority stake of the network’s hashrate (i.e. 51% or above) allows a user to manipulate the blockchain to their own agenda. Most often, this comes in the form of double-spending, where a user is able to duplicate coins by sending them without their wallet’s balance ever decreasing.

Crowd-sourced mining marketplace Nicehash, which allows users to buy and sell their computing power, now accounts for over 70% of the total DASH hashrate, which would effectively allow them to manipulate the DASH blockchain however they please.

Ledger releases bluetooth hardware wallet

Ledger is one of the most popular hardware wallet manufacturers, best known for its “Ledger Nano S.” While users around the world are mostly satisfied with their Nano S hardware wallets, a bluetooth ready wallet that could interact with mobile devices has long been requested.

Just a few days ago, Ledger unveiled their latest hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano X, which happens to be bluetooth ready. The wallet, for which an Android and iOS app will be released later this month, also includes added memory for all your favorite cryptocurrency wallets.

10 years since Hal Finney’s “running Bitcoin”

Hal Finney is considered to be one of Bitcoin’s earliest contributors, and he’s best known for receiving the first ever Bitcoin transaction from Satoshi Nakamoto.

It’s exactly 10 years since the now-late Hal Finney published his Tweet “running Bitcoin,” just after setting up his own Bitcoin node.