SEC chairman: ETH is not a security – March 12

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Overall, the cryptocurrency market is up an entire percent today. That’s not the impression you’d get looking at the top three coins, though: Bitcoin may be up 0.7%, but Ethereum and XRP are down by more than 2.5% and 1% respectively.

So what’s driving the average market change upwards? For starters, Litecoin is up almost 3% on the 24 hour chart, with EOS, Binance Coin, and Stellar posting similar or even more impressive growth.

Top Crypto News Stories for 12th March 2018

SEC chairman: ETH is not a security

In the United States, a set number of assets are classified as securities, which means they’re subject to the extensive regulations of the United States’ Securities and Exchanges Commission. A long debated topic has been whether cryptocurrencies themselves constitute securities.

Follow analysis from Commission staff, the SEC Chairman Jay Clayton has confirmed that Ethereum and other digital assets like it will not be classified as securities.

Swiss stock exchange to add XRP ETP

Recently, we covered news of Switzerland’s biggest stock exchange, the SIX Stock Exchange, adding Bitcoin and Ethereum-backed exchange traded products, or ETPs.

SIX is adding yet another digital asset based product to their exchange. This time, it’s an XRP-based exchange traded product joining the ranks.

Cryptocurrency movie soon to be released!

The official trailer for CRYPTO, the 2019 movie, has just been released. The thriller “brandishes an impressive cast [with] a timely focus on the rise of cryptocurrency.”