Ethereum volume: new YTD high – February 19

Current Bitcoin Price: $3970 (as of 12:00 AM PST)

Bitcoin is very close to rolling over the $4000 mark, following a 2% gain over the last 24 hours. Over that same period, the rest of the market has risen a similar amount, including 1.5% gains in Ethereum, 2.8% gains in XRP, and 6% gains in EOS.

Binance Coin is posting impressive gains of just under 12% today, while Maker and Waves are up more than 8% and 6% respectively. There are only a few coins in the red whatsoever, but all of them have depreciated less than 2%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 19th February 2018

Ethereum volume: new YTD high

After more than a year of low market activity, Bitcoin breached its 50 day moving average yesterday for the first time in months. Today, it’s not Bitcoin, but Ethereum, also showing signs of life.

That’s right: over the last 24 hours, the volume of Ethereum trades has hit a new high for the year to date. With over $5 million transacted in that time, the currency has only risen 1.5%.

2100 ETH paid in transaction fees

When you think of traditional blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, you think of high fees. One thing is for sure: Ethereum typically offers lower fees than Bitcoin — at least most of the time!

More than 2000 Ethereum have been sent as transaction fees in an Ethereum transaction worth just 0.1 Ether. Similar transactions have been spotted on the Ethereum network today, and they’ve all been mined by the same miner, suggesting that this may be linked to money laundering.

Google keyboard adds Bitcoin symbol

The Bitcoin symbol has been around for many years now, but seeing it adopted into character bases and keyboards has been incredibly slow.

Bitcoin enthusiasts around the world are rejoicing today, as Google has added the Bitcoin symbol to Google smartphones’ keyboards across the world.