Europol: Bitcoin hasn’t funded terrorism – September 25

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The cryptocurrency market is performing poorly today, yet again. Bitcoin is down just over 3%, and as usual, the damage is worse on most other major currencies.

Setting aside the popular fixed-price currency Tether, there isn’t a single top-50 cryptocurrency that’s appreciated today. Best of all, two of the only three unfixed currencies in the top-100 are parody coins!

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 25th September 2018

Europol: Bitcoin hasn’t funded terrorism

One of the most common concerns with Bitcoin is that the anonymity — or more precisely the pseudonymity — features will allow criminals to get away with under-the-table payments that can’t be tracked.

However, research from Europol has found that Bitcoin has not been used to fund a single terrorist attack in Europe.

Congress launches new cryptocurrency tax bills

Cryptocurrency legislation is a grey area in many countries, but thankfully they’re all making a move to clear the confusion up — including the United States.

The US Congress has launched new cryptocurrency tax bills to clarify how taxes should be paid on profits made through cryptocurrency investments… if there were any!

Bitcoin appears on Australian Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a popular quiz show across the world, where participants need to answer a series of multiple choice questions to unlock progressively increasing prizes.

A reference to Bitcoin just appeared on Australia’s version of the show, with the question:

The technology that enables cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to function is called what? A) Blockchain, B) Macrobond, C) Hyperlink, D) Brickstring