Facebook to revert ban on crypto ads – June 27

Current Bitcoin Price: $6120 (as of 8:10 AM PST)

Ouch! The market is continuing to slump — and just like yesterday, Bitcoin is lucky to be down by only 2%, considering many other cryptos have taken at least twice the hit. It’s especially not looking good for VeChain (VEN, #17) or TRON (#11), which are both down by around 6%.

However, unlike yesterday, there are still a handful of coins in the green, such as Monaco (MCO, #86) and QTUM (#20) — up by 13 and 3 percent respectively.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 27th June 2018

Facebook to revert ban on crypto ads

In January this year, Facebook decided to put a ban out on all crypto-related advertising, including everything from exchange services to ICOs.

It looks like Facebook are to revert this ban, although advertisers will now have to apply for permission to advertise anything related to the crypto space, and certain products or services (like ICOs) will remain banned.

Malta announces world’s first blockchain bill

Malta’s long been a haven for European businessmen, thanks to its favorable tax laws. However, in recent months, the country has shown a large interest in promoting the world of cryptocurrency within its borders.

Yesterday, the Maltese Parliament unanimously approved the world’s first blockchain bill, which is a step in the right direction for government-approved cryptocurrency activities.

Pornhub to accept TRON

TRON is somewhat of a controversial project, but despite that, it ranks in at number 11 by the market cap. The project’s CEO, Justin Sun, is something of a tech-mogul — he just bought BitTorrent.

More interestingly, it looks like the TRON team has made a deal with Pornhub to be accepted as a form of payment, which will give the world of crypto direct exposure to some 90 million daily users.