Fidelity custody service trial goes live – March 8

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The waters are still today in the cryptocurrency market. As a whole, the cryptocurrency market hasn’t shifted more than a tenth of a percent today, and neither have Bitcoin or Ethereum. XRP, meanwhile, has fallen just a single percent.

Bitcoin dominance is still sitting in the 50-55% range it has been since August, while altcoins continue to bounce up and down: Binance Coin is down 9% and Stellar is up 5%.

Top Crypto News Stories for 8th March 2018

Fidelity custody service trial goes live

Fidelity Investments, known in short as Fidelity, is one of the world’s largest asset management firms, with just under $2.5 trillion in assets under management. There’s been talk of Fidelity launching a custody services for digital asset investors.

Today, Fidelity announced that its digital asset custody service had already gone live for a select, trial group of customers. For now, the custody service only supports Bitcoin storage.

Craig Wright: “I can make Monero traceable”

Craig Wright is well-known cryptocurrency celebrity. He’s long been a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, and has — since the Bitcoin Cash fork — supported the Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision) project, even claiming to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

Wright’s recent posts on Twitter say that he has the technology needed to make privacy coins such as ZCash and Monero traceable. It’s unclear whether this is true, but many speculate that this is a blatant, delusional lie — just like his claim to fame as Satosho Nakamoto.

Sparkster investors look to class action lawsuit

Sparkster is a cryptocurrency project that raised $30 million in its 2018 ICO, under the pretense that it would build a drag-and-drop platform for creating applications with blockchain. The project’s creator promised investors 300x returns on their investments.

Now, Sparkster investors are banding together to file a class action lawsuit, saying that their tokens have been “held hostage.”