Fidelity rumoured to offer cryptos within weeks – May 6

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price: $5748

As a whole the market is up a few fractions of a percent, today. Bitcoin itself is down more than 0.5%,  but Ethereum is dragging the average up with gains of almost 4.5%. XRP is in the green almost 1%, while many others are retracing a similar amount.

Top Stories for 6th May 2019 🔥

👉 Fidelity rumoured to offer cryptos within weeks

Fidelity is the financial services giant with trillions in assets under management, between its personal and institutional clients. We’ve recently covered rumors that the investment house wants to move into crypto.

According to a recent Bloomberg story, a person familiar with the matter has announced that Fidelity is to begin offering Bitcoin custody services, allowing institutional clients to buy and sell the cryptocurrency through the platform, within several weeks.

👉 CoinMarketCap removes Bitfinex from weighted average

As of late, a lot of light has been shed on Bitfinex and Tether’s questionable business practices, which have ultimately led to the US Department of Justice seizing hundreds of millions of dollars of the exchange’s funds.

As a result, Bitcoin has been trading at an extreme premium on Bitfinex, priced more than $300 higher than at other exchanges such as Coinbase. In response to this, CoinMarketCap has removed Bitfinex from its weighted average for the price of Bitcoin.

👉 Bancor releases clever crypto exchange widget

Bancor is a cryptocurrency liquidity platform that provides liquidity to rarer digital assets, including many ERC20 and EOS-based tokens.

They just released a widget which website owners can place on their site, allowing users to quickly and easily trade between tokens.