Fidelity’s first crypto client: Mike Novogratz – October 18

Current Bitcoin Price: $6545 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

There’s more sideways trading today, with Bitcoin having swayed just a few dollars from its price this time yesterday. As reminiscent of last month, both Ethereum and XRP are down comparable amounts — in this case about half a percent.

All other top-20 players haven’t budged more than a percent or two, with the exception being Zcash — which is up more than 6% today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 18th October 2018

Fidelity’s first crypto client: Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz is a billionaire investor and former hedge fund manager, known in the crypto space as a long-term Bitcoin bull. Galaxy Digital is his crypto merchant bank, and it was only a matter of time before we heard some big partnerships.

As it turns out, Novogratz is the first client of Fidelity’s new digital asset custody service, known as Fidelity Digital assets. Interestingly, he commented last week that “the herd is coming” in reference to a coming influx of institutional investors in the cryptocurrency space.

U.S. marshals to auction $4.3 million of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is used for all sorts of things — legal remittances, storage of value, and more — but a fair share of that does indeed include illegal activity. Of course, when the U.S. government finds cryptocurrencies linked to illegal activities, they’re forced to seize them.

In case you were wondering what happens to all the seized digital assets, it turns out they get auctioned off every few months. Next month, the plan is auction over $4 million of Bitcoin.

“Buy more Bitcoin” sign appears in Smackdown audience

On more quiet days in the market, it’s nice to lighten up a little and look at some more trivial and entertaining news stories.

Bitcoin has just been put on the televisions of millions of Smackdown viewers across the world, as a member of the audience had been brandishing a “Buy more Bitcoin” poster.