Bitcoin crashes to $1,800 against Binance stablecoin – September 25

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$8,409

The cryptocurrency market is down a further 5% to 10% since yesterday’s newsletter. Bitcoin is down more than 7% on top of yesterday’s 5% hit. Ethereum is down a further 3% on top of yesterday’s 11% losses, while XRP is managing to stay afloat after yesterday’s 8% losses. Most altcoins are faring much worse, with many down 10% or 15% since yesterday.

Top Stories for September 25, 2019 🔥

👉 Bitcoin crashes to $1,800 against Binance stablecoin

Bitcoin has taken a pretty hard hit over the last few days. Falling from over $10,000 to nearly $8,000 the world’s best-known cryptocurrency has seen some serious selling pressure.

In fact, Bitcoin’s selling pressure was enough to send its price to just $1,800 against Binance’s stablecoin, BUSD. This shows that, unfortunately, Binance’s new stablecoin isn’t so stable after all.

👉 Kik to kill eponymous messaging app and pursue crypto

Kik is a technology company best known for its instant messaging app of the same name. The company has struggled to stay profitable and, as a result, decided to enter the world of cryptocurrency to stay afloat.

Following a costly lawsuit from the SEC regarding its own token sale, Kik has decided to kill the instant messaging app which gave the company its reputation and fully pursue crypto interests.

👉 Shake-up in P2P exchange services as LocalBitcoins adds KYC

LocalBitcoins is a popular P2P cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency to find one another. At the start of the month, it decided to introduce additional KYC (Know Your Customer) measures.

The move has resulted in a shake-up in the world of P2P exchange services, with a fully decentralized alternative called Bisq reaching its highest market share since launching.