Blockchain casino “Funfair” launches – May 29

Current Bitcoin Price: $7440 (as of 7:55 AM PST)

It’s been a good 24 hours for the market, with most major cryptocurrencies starting to recover from the gloomy weekend. Setting aside Tether (USDT, #13), EOS (EOS, #5) and TRON (TRX, #9) are the only top 20 coins that haven’t started bouncing back today.

NANO (NANO, #33) and ICON (ICX, #23) have had a particularly good Monday, having increased by 14.66% and 10.28% respectively over the last day.

It’s still unclear as to whether Bitcoin will be triple-testing the $7,000 support line, but it would take at least a week or two of bear markets to find out.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 29th May 2018

Blockchain casino “Funfair” launches

The idea of decentralized casino and gaming websites has been on many people’s minds since the advent of blockchain technology, and it’s finally becoming a reality.

Technology company “FunFair” just opened up their crypto casino platform for early access, where FUN (#86) tokens will make up the stakes for now.

Decentralized cloud marketplace goes live

If you can decentralize anything, why not decentralize a cloud computing marketplace? That’s exactly what iExec has been working on, and earlier today they launched their marketplace from Berlin, Germany.

Four cloud providers have already announced that they will be working with the peer-to-peer marketplace to host their cloud computing services.

Verge hacked for the third time

They say that all publicity is good publicity, which is why it feels like Verge getting hacked for the thirds time in four weeks warrants last place in today’s stories.

The attack is exactly the same as before — a 51% attack, where hackers manage to obtain a majority of the network’s computing power and mine coins far quicker than usual.