Gemini pushes for institutional growth – October 5

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It’s yet another day with the market at a standstill, as we approach the inevitable closure of a 10-month price wedge in Bitcoin price. Aside from XRP, down 3%, and Binance Coin, up 4%, the market has hardly budged over the last 24 hours.

With that said, let’s dive right into today’s news stories!

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 5th October 2018

Gemini pushes for institutional growth

Gemini is the cryptocurrency exchange run by Winklevoss brothers, who gained their fame in an early court case against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Needless to say, the exchange is doing all it can to keep growing.

However, Gemini has taken a turn to focus on institutional growth and acceptance. It’s looking to establish itself as a secure custodian for those investors who don’t necessarily want to deal with private keys and wallets!

Coinbase looks to recruit 150 staff

At this point, we can’t keep introducing Coinbase! The massive exchange is going all-in on building its team right now, as we recently mentioned with the launch of a new Portland headquarters.

The exchange is looking to hire another 150 financial staff for its New York office, also with a focus on enticing institutional investors.

Elon Musk mocks SEC

A somewhat tangential story, Tesla founder Elon Musk has been mocking the SEC today. Last week he was hit with fraud charges for a light-hearted tweet about taking Tesla private, and this week he has retaliated — labelling the SEC as the “Shortseller Enrichment Commission”!