Bitcoin search interest rises on Google – August 3

Current Bitcoin Price: $7484 (as of 7:30 AM PST)

For the most part, Bitcoin is trading sideways today. While it fell a few hundred dollars last night, it’s been recovering over the last few hours to leave it a net one percent down from yesterday’s price. Meanwhile, a handful of top-10 coins — Ripple, EOS, and IOTA — are up 2 to 4 percent today.

While VeChain is down a further 9%, signifying a continued decline for this week, both Tezos and Binance Coin have also managed to break even. Truth be told, the majority of coins are still in the red today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 3rd August 2018

Bitcoin search interest rises on Google

Google Trends is a tool for tracking the search interest of particular phrases over time. It measures the popularity of a search term relative to its past performance or any other search term(s) of your choice.

Reviewing the latest Google Trends data for the search term “Bitcoin” shows that interest is down significantly from the start of the year, but has been creeping up slowly over the last month.

IOTA introduces IOTA Hub

As the name suggests, IOTA is built for the future’s IoT — Internet of Things — environment. Instead of the typical blockchain design, this coin uses what’s called a “Tangle”. However, there have been some problems associated with implementing IOTA in everyday applications…

In order to fix this, the IOTA foundation has released an open-source solution to integrating IOTA. It’s called the IOTA hub and will allow cryptocurrency exchanges to immediately list IOTA, among other possibilities.

Chinese billionaire to build US crypto hub

Interest for cryptocurrencies is growing across the world, including the world’s Asian powerhouse that is China. As a result, billionaire Chinese investor Bruno Wu is looking to get involved.

The entrepreneur has ambitious plans to build a $300 million cryptocurrency hub in Hartford, Connecticut. His vision for the facilities includes colleges and other crypto-related facilities where development teams will be able to collaborate on new projects.