Bitcoin hash rate reaches ATH – June 17

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$9257

Over the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has been pretty quiet. However, since our last newsletter on Friday, the market has shot up by more than 10%. Bitcoin has shot up past $9250 from its previous support level at around $8400. Ethereum has seen a similarly impressive rise to more than $270, while most altcoins appreciated 6-10% during that same period.

Top Stories for 17h June 2019 🔥

👉 Bitcoin hash rate reaches ATH

Hash rate is a measure of how much computing power is being used to support a cryptocurrency’s network. Generally speaking, the higher the hash rate, the better — since the network becomes more secure.

With its rise past $9000, Bitcoin’s hash rate has hit a new all-time-high (ATH), meaning that it’s harder than ever for a malicious user to take over the Bitcoin network.

👉 A new way to pay with ETH on Amazon

Amazon is one of the world’s biggest internet retailers. Two services have already made it possible to pay for your Amazon purchase using Ethereum, but more certainly won’t hurt.

The crypto payments service CLIC has teamed up with Opporty, a project that hopes to speed up cryptocurrency transactions. Together, they’re adding yet another way to pay with Ethereum on Amazon.

👉 New service shows capitalizations for fiat currencies

Everyone is familiar with CoinMarketCap, the service that displays market capitalizations of cryptocurrencies in your chosen fiat denomination.

A new, spin-off website, FiatMarketCap, has been created. The website allows users to see the market capitalizations of all fiat currencies, with equivalent values displayed only in Bitcoin.