IBM now owns more than 100 blockchain patents – July 15

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$10,576

The cryptocurrency market continued last week’s downtrend into the weekend. Bitcoin, which was standing at around $11,500 on Friday, fell to the $10,000 support level earlier today. Since then, it has recovered around $500 in value.

The 24-hour charts are a mix of both red and green. Bitcoin and XRP are up 1.5% and 4% respectively, while Ethereum is down 1.5%. Interestingly, many altcoins are down 2-3%.

Top Stories for 15th July 2019 🔥

👉 IBM now owns more than 100 blockchain patents

Whatever you want to think about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, there’s no doubt that some of the big boys — like Facebook — are interested.

As it turns out, IBM holds the most blockchain patents of any company. With 108 active patents, the number has more than tripled since this time last years.

👉 31 of 32 active Litecoin devs are actually Bitcoin devs

Over the last year, an online repository for Litecoin development shows that around 300 individual contributions were made to the project.

These 300+ contributions were made by a total of 32 developers, of whom 31 are actually Bitcoin developers.

👉 Claymore team suspected of exit-scamming

Claymore token was a cryptocurrency project similar to BOMB, in that the token itself was deflationary. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you a lot more about the project…

Within the last day, all Claymore social media accounts have been shut down and the Claymore website has been replaced by a static page saying that the project has been hacked. Many suspect that the team has in fact exit-scammed.