Indian crypto bill to be introduced in next parliament session – August 12

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Top Stories for August 12, 2019 🔥

👉 Indian crypto bill to be introduced in next parliament session

The Indian government unveiled its plan regarding their crypto bill, during a supreme court hearing on Thursday.

Reports claim that the government has recommended a complete ban on private cryptocurrencies in India.

While they intend to introduce the bill toward the end of the year, the crypto community continues to petition against the move.

👉 30 crypto assets under evaluation for Binance US platform 

Earlier this year, binance announced that it would ban US customers from trading, leading to community panic.

Instead of excluding US customers, however, Binance will be opening a US-only exchange. It will feature 30 cryptocurrencies.

👉 Recently-discovered malware targets crypto traders

A Trojan virus named Saefko has been discovered by researchers, which appears to target crypto-related web browsing.

The virus searches for a variety of crypto keywords, and allows the hacker remote access to a device.