IOTA announces next step to decentralization – May 28

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Following yesterday’s pump, the cryptocurrency market is down an average of just under 1%. Bitcoin and Ethereum are staying close to the market average, while XRP has actually trended upwards almost 3% on the daily. EOS, Bitcoin SV, DASH, IOTA, and Ethereum Classic are also up by at least a few percent today, while most other coins are down between 1 and 4%.

Top Stories for 28th May 2019 🔥

👉 IOTA announces next step to decentralization

If you’re familiar with the cryptocurrency project IOTA, you’ll know a few things:

  • It’s intended to be a currency.
  • It doesn’t use regular blockchain technology — instead, it uses a ‘tangle.’
  • Until now, it’s been a centralized protocol due to the need for a ‘coordinator’.

IOTA has just announced their Coordicide solution: a technical solution which will allow the project to remove the need for the Coordinator. The solution is currently theoretical, and will be developed over the coming months.

👉 Novogratz calls for Musk to tokenize SpaceX

What with Tesla, SpaceX, and others, serial entrepreneur Elon Musk has been burning through cash reserves faster than ever. Mike Novogratz, the well-known Bitcoin bull and former hedge-fund manager, thinks he has the solution.

Novogratz jokingly wrote on Twitter that he “wish[es] they would tokenize SpaceX”, suggesting that he would help invest in the project especially if by means of a security token.

👉 Virtual blockchain dress sells for $9,500

By now you’ve probably heard stories of physical goods being tracked on the blockchain, but there aren’t many examples of blockchain-only goods, aside from Cryptokitties — an Ethereum-based game where users can trade virtual cats.

Well, a dress has been sold on the blockchain for $9,500 by Dutch startup The Fabricant. The dress, which exists only as a set of blueprints on the blockchain, could one day be created in real life if the new owner so desires.