IOTA mass deployment later this year – June 14

Current Bitcoin Price: $6426 (as of 8:05 AM PST)

The market’s been trying to recover from all of the red this weekend — and it’s not doing a bad job. While Bitcoin has fallen a further 0.73% since yesterday, it’s the only top 10 coin that isn’t showing any green. When it comes to the big three, Bitcoin is sitting at $6426, Ethereum at $477, and Ripple at $0.54.

Keeping on the topic of major coins, Nano, Verge, and Monero have had particularly good days; they’re up by 8.37%, 7.30%, and 6.41% respectively.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 14th June 2018

IOTA mass deployment later this year

A lot of cryptocurrency projects don’t have a clear goal of what they want to achieve, let alone a working product. IOTA — pioneer of the tangle — was one of them for quite a while.

However, TangleID is one of IOTA’s working products, and according to the IOTA team, it’s set to be mass deployed in identity management for Taipei’s Smart City project later this year.

New ARK core released

Ark (ARK, #67) is definitely a lesser known cryptocurrency. It’s supposed to be an all-in-one solution crypto solution which can interact with other blockchains.

They’ve just announced that the next version of their core codebase is available to the public, which developers can scrutinize before the mainnet is released.

Brave Software (BAT) featured in WSJ

Brave Software created their own browser (which you might have heard of — it’s called Brave), and a token to go with it: Basic Attention Token (BAT, #59).

The company has just been featured in the Wall Street Journal’s 25 Tech Companies to Watch 2018, coming in at number 12. Their project rewards users for looking at ads in the browser.