IOTA now on Ledger Nano S – November 2

Current Bitcoin Price: $6394 (as of 12:00 AM PST)

The market is pushing upwards today, despite a relatively bearish market sentiment. Bitcoin is up around half a percent, with Ethereum and XRP up by more than one percent.

Further afield, some coins are doing even better. A majority of top-20 coins are up more than two percent, including Bitcoin Cash — which is up 10 percent over the last 24 hours.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 2nd November 2018

IOTA now on Ledger Nano S

IOTA is considered a fantastic cryptocurrency project, aiming to overthrow the blockchain with its “Tangle” technology. However, usability has long been a concern for potential investors, which includes the lack of a user-friendly, reliable wallet for the currency.

Today, the IOTA Foundation announced support for storing these coins on the market’s leading hardware wallet — the Ledger Nano S — which represents the token’s greater movement towards accessibility.

Ukraine to legalize cryptocurrency

Where do cryptocurrencies stand within national and global regulatory frameworks? It’s not an easy question and there’s a lot of different answers depending on who you ask, but some governments are finally starting to make things clear.

Ukraine is the next of them. A Medium post from earlier this week explains how Ukraine is to legalize cryptocurrencies in the foreseeable future, and — very surprisingly — is considering just 5% capital gains tax on crypto profits.

Binance signs up 40,000 traders in Uganda

Last week saw the launch of Binance’s Ugandan crypto trading platform, which is set to accept the local currency (Ugandan Shillings) in the company’s first fiat-friendly exchange.

In just 7 days, Binance has managed to sign up more than 40,000 traders!