Australian airport taking crypto payments – June 4

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Since our last newsletter on Wednesday, most coins have been climbing up a few percent a day. However, over the last 24 hours the charts have been reversing: Bitcoin is down 3% and Ethereum almost 6%.

One coin performing particularly well is DigixDAO (DGD, #48), which is 26% in the green today. On  the flip side, IOTA (#9) has taken a big hit — it’s down by almost 15%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 4th June 2018

Australian airport taking crypto payments

Brisbane International Airport is Australia’s third biggest airport, housing hundreds of shops and restaurants. Over 20 million passengers come through the airport every year.

All of the airport’s merchants will now begin accepting crypto payments in BCH, DASH, ETH, BTC, STEEM, and XEM, thanks to a partnership with payment provider Travelbybit.

IOTA reveals new information on its Qubic project

IOTA’s Qubic project was revealed in this teaser video a number of weeks ago. Since then, there’s been much speculation on what the project involves.

In the latest post on IOTA’s website, they reveal new information about the project, describing it as “IOTA’s solution for quorum-based computations”, which will draw data from the real world with ‘Oracle’ machines and process it with the network’s distributed computing power.

Chinese president describes blockchain as “breakthrough”

Asia is a big mover in the crypto space, and much of that is thanks to China — with its big involvement in local coins like NEO and WaltonChain, but also its widespread participation in the market.

In a recent technology speech, China’s president Mr. Xi Jinping openly described blockchain as a “breakthrough technology”, despite the government’s otherwise-hostile stance towards the technology.