Japanese politician suggests reduced tax on crypto – December 11

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There’s no green on the charts today. While coins haven’t fallen much, it’s a much unwelcome 2-5% blow to the market, including Bitcoin down 2.5% and Ethereum down 4%. As far as major coins are concerned, TRON (#10) is down the least — having fallen by just 0.5% — while Bitcoin SV (#8) is down the most — by up to 8.5%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 11th December 2018

Japanese politician suggests reduced tax on crypto

With cryptocurrency comes (or goes, as of late) money, and money means taxes. Hitherto, cryptocurrencies have been taxed similarly to regular currencies across most parts of the world, but some countries are pushing to change that.

For example, Japanese politician Takeshi Fujimaki has proposed a reduced tax bill for cryptocurrencies, aiming to encourage innovation. Among his ideas are a maximum tax rate of 20% and tax exemption when converting between cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase announces “12 Days of Coinbase”

Coinbase is the big fiat-crypto exchange that’s always bringing the market good news, it seems. Well, it looks like they’ve had their eyes on a festive promotion for the end of this year!

They’ve just announced the 12 Days of Coinbase, starting 10th December, with a new announcement from the company everyday. The first announcement — from the 10th — allows Coinbase users to redeem their crypto for gift cards.

Bitmain’s Facebook page hacked

Bitmain is a major cryptocurrency mining corporation based out of the Far East. In addition to produce the world’s most popular mining hardware, they run mining pools and are avid supporters of Bitcoin Cash.

The Bitmain Facebook page has been hacked, with the assailant posting a fake cryptocurrency giveaway. If something as simple as their social media can be hacked, it makes you wonder about the integrity of the rest of their operations.