JP Morgan to roll out own cryptocurrency – February 14

Current Bitcoin Price: $3593 (as of 9:00 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency market has hardly budged today. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are all up or down just a fraction of a percent, and 24 hour movement is sparse even in the smaller cryptocurrencies.

Notable coins include EOS, down 3%, as well as Binance Coin and Neo, both down more than 5%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 14th February 2018

JPMorgan to roll out own cryptocurrency

For our American audience, JPMorgan needs no introduction. Known in full as JPMorgan Chase, this major bank is the largest in the USA and the sixth largest in the world — and it was just months ago CEO Jamie Dimon called Bitcoin a fraud.

Today, JPMorgan has announced that it will be rolling out the first US bank-backed cryptocurrency. Known as the JPM Coin, the token will be used to settle transactions between payments businesses.

Ripple backs XRP-based DEx

Ripple is the organization behind XRP, and it’s also the parent company to fundraising venture Xpring. Xpring was launched early last year, and has already made a host of investments, such as into storage startup Omni.

Yesterday, it was announced that Xpring would be making an investment XRPL Labs, a company created by avid XRP developer Wietse Wind. Among other projects, XRPL Labs is working on an XRP-fuelled DEx, or Decentralized Exchange.

Own to partner with Hammersley Partners

Own is a cryptocurrency platform that was built to bring blockchain to the investing world, and the financial world as a whole. Of late, the project has gained a lot of social and monetary attention, having skyrocketed by a factor of 20 in just months.

The Own Group has just announced a partnership with Hammersley Partners, a brokerage and investment services company. Together, the two parties will collaborate on building a new platform for digital asset management.