Judge Rules That Bitfinex and Tether Must Turn Over Documents – September 18

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$10,987

Bitcoin price has tapped the $11,000 mark again today, as traders wait for the next big move.

Top-20 altcoins have bounced back from their recent dip, as Ethereum and XRP each gain another 2%, Tron rises 10%, and Neo surges 19%.

Top Stories for September 18, 2020 🔥

👉 Judge Rules That Bitfinex and Tether Must Turn Over Documents 

Bitfinex and Tether have once again been ordered to hand over documents requested by the New York Attorney General’s office (NYAG), with a deadline yet to be set.

The NYAG reasoned that Biftinex and Tether have not submitted even close to the amount of requested documents since their original request 17 months ago.

The injunction preventing Bitfinex borrowing further funds from Tether has been extended for a further 90 days.

👉 Coinbase Pro Passes ETH Withdrawal Fees On To Customers

Coinbase Pro has finally passed cryptocurrency withdrawal fees on to customers, likely following a heavy gas burden on Ethereum (ETH) withdrawals.

Until today, Coinbase Pro had been paying for transaction costs on customer withdrawals. Fees will now be processed as they are on most exchanges, with the customer paying for the network fees.

👉 Daily Ethereum Transactions Reaches All-Time High

Daily transactions on the Ethereum network have reached an all-time high, surpassing the previous peak seen in 2018.

A total of more than 1.4 million transactions were processed yesterday, according to the Etherscan blockchain explorer. The 2018 high saw 1.35 million transactions processed on January 4.