Korean chat app to implement crypto wallet – March 28

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The charts are rather uninteresting today. Almost all cryptocurrencies are up by less than 1%. That’s true for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP, as well as others like Binance Coin, Cardano, TRON, Bitcoin SV, and Monero.

Outliers include EOS, which is up almost 5%, and Stellar, which is down 2%. Also, DASH is up 3% while Tezos is up nearly 13%.

Top Crypto News Stories for 28th March 2019

Korean chat app to implement crypto wallet

Kakao is the name of a Korean technology giant, which has pioneered taxi services, payment platforms, and even an instant messaging service. Recently, the company raised $90 million to build its own blockchain.

Now it looks like the company will be implementing a cryptocurrency wallet into its popular chat app, KakaoTalk, which is used by almost four fifths of the South Korean nation.

Fidelity official says it’s an “early adopter” market

Fidelity Investments is a dedicated investment firm with trillions of dollars under assets, and annual profits in the tens of billions. It has its own digital asset subsidiary, Fidelity Digital Assets, for which Tom Jessop is head of Corporate Business Development.

Tom Jessop has called the cryptocurrency market an “early adopter” market, citing “the data.” Jessop also compares the total value of all digital assets to the market capitlization of Apple stock, which is worth an order of magnitude more!

Galaxy S10 wallet sends and receives in under 20s

We’ve been covering the developing story of Samsung’s proprietary cryptocurrency wallet functionality in their latest smartphone, the Galaxy S10.

Recent reports have shown that transactions between two user’s phones have all taken less than 20 seconds. Of course, this time is largely dictated by the Ethereum network, but it shows that there is still potential for using cryptocurrency as a payment method on a day-to-day basis.