Kaspersky CEO calls crypto “great idea” – March 5

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The cryptocurrency market has shot up just less than 4% today. It’s Bitcoin and XRP holding the others back today, with only circa 2.5% increases in price over the last 24 hours. Ethereum, however, has launched upwards by more than 7%.

Performing even more impressively are EOS and Litecoin, the two of which have both appreciated more than 13% today alone. Several other cryptocurrencies in the top-25 are also up more than 10%, but the majority are trading green only in the 2-7% range.

Top Crypto News Stories for 5th March 2018

Kaspersky CEO calls crypto “great idea”

Eugene Kaspersky is the billionaire security expert who founded Kaspersky Lab, one of the world’s most famed anti-virus and internet security solutions.

In expressing his opinion about digital assets in an otherwise-unrelated. interview with Arabian Business, Kaspersky called cryptocurrencies a “great idea”, adding — however — that “the world is not ready for them yet.”

TRON partners with Tether

TRON is a cryptocurrency platform similar in principle to Ethereum, while Tether is the world’s largest stablecoin by market cap. Inters tingly, they are both projects which have come under a lot of heat for their business practices.

Today, the two projects announced a partnership. This will involve the creation of a TRC-20 (i.e. TRON-based) USDT token, which will allow users with a TRON wallet to transact with the stablecoin.

San Diego gas station accepting BTC

A San Diego gas station has taken the decision to accept Bitcoin for its petrol products. The station offers a $0.40 discount for each gallon paid for with Bitcoin!