KIK refuses to back down from SEC – May 29

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Top Stories for 29th May 2019 🔥

👉 KIK refuses to back down from SEC

Back in late 2017, the popular messaging service KIK decided to hold a token sale of its own. Over $98 million of KIN tokens were sold, with the goal of creating a new currency for use within the messaging app itself.

Unfortunately, KIK has been served with a Wells notice, showing the United States’ Securities and Exchanges Comission’s intention to bring legal action against the messaging giant for an unregulated sale of securities. KIK refuses to back down, and has had one of the world’s most expensive law firms publish an open letter to the SEC in response.

👉 JPMorgan building protocol for private ETH transactions

JPMorgan Chase needs no introduction; we’ve discussed the big US bank a few times on this newsletter. What you might not know is that many banks have been looking into building privacy solutions for public blockchains.

JPMorgan is one of those banks. It’s building the Zether protocol to allow users to send private Ethereum transactions, which would hide the amount being transacted and the address of the sender.

👉 Facebook to launch “GlobalCoin” in 2020

You may have heard rumors that Facebook is set to launch its own cryptocurrency, and those rumors are true! Facebook has decided to launch its currency, GlobalCoin, in 2020.