KuCoin to expand after $3mm deal – September 10

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Today is relatively quiet day in the cryptocurrency space, not only in terms of price action but also in terms of news. As for the former, the market is mostly following a downtrend today — with the average top-100 cryptocurrency down by around 2%.

Bitcoin is down only 1.4%, while Ethereum and Ripple continue to underperform — down by 3.58% and 6.10% respectively. Among the top-20 coins, DASH, IOTA, and Dogecoin are the three contenders in the green — with Dogecoin up 13%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 10th September 2018

KuCoin to expand after $3mm deal

KuCoin is Chinese cryptocurrency exchange based out of Hong Kong. It’s a popular choice for its wide selection of altcoins with formidable levels of volume — and for obvious reasons, an easy pick for Chinese investors.

The exchange is set to expand its reach, having signed a $3 million dollar deal with Bitcoin Australia. While KuCoin has a focus on offering a large selection of coins, Bitcoin Australia works hard to bring in new users, which Bitcoin Australia Chief Executive Rupert Hackett says will make for great synergy.

Coinbase wants to support “millions of tokens”

Coinbase is a popular fiat on-ramp for the cryptocurrency market, bringing in a large fraction of every bull run’s dollars, euros, and pounds. Until now, they’ve offered only a select few cryptocurrencies on their exchange.

However, Brian Armstrong — who’s extremely optimistic about the outlook of the cryptocurrency market — says that Coinbase wants to be there offering many millions of token when the time comes.

Kraken denies rumors of Canadian office closure

Kraken is yet another well-known exchange for fiat buyers. It’s a large contender to Coinbase, and with bases in the US it’s only natural that Canada would be top on their list of areas to serve.

Recently, a rumor came out that Kraken would be shutting down its Canadian offices in Halifax. Yesterday, the exchange responded by denying the claims.