Biggest Thai cinema chain takes crypto – July 31

Current Bitcoin Price: $7742 (as of 8:30 AM PST)

Those of you who have been watching the charts this month will see that Bitcoin ticked over the $8000 mark early last week, and since then it’s only dipped below that price once. That was until earlier today, when the market suddenly slumped down to $7900 before recovering for a few hours. In the last hour, however, Bitcoin has fallen to the $7800 mark.

The 5% Bitcoin price drop has taken its toll on the rest of the market, as most major coins fall between 5 and 10%. The only exception in the top-20 is Binance Coin, which is up over 3%. Aside from that, there are only two other coins across the top-100 — ODEM and Metaverse ETP — which are just about managing to break even.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 31st July 2018

Biggest Thai cinema chain takes crypto

Cryptocurrency adoption is rising across the world, including a majority of the tech-loving Asian countries — like Singapore, Thailand, and Malaysia.

The latest news in Thailand is that the country’s biggest movie theatre chain — Major Cineplex — will be integrating cryptocurrency payments for both ticket and snack purchase.

Crumbs App enters public beta

Budgeting and investing are often thought of as two, very-linked processes, but what if you could invest in cryptocurrency while making your budget easier to track?

That’s exactly what the newly-released Crumbs app will do. It rounds up your card payments to the nearest dollar amount and automatically purchases cryptocurrencies with the spare change.

Bittrex to open USD trading

Bittrex is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that’s looking to integrate fiat-to-crypto offerings into its service. For two months, there’s been talk of the exchange launching USD trading.

According to an email users received earlier today, Bittrex’s US dollar markets are finally opening up to public access. It appears the offer is only available for qualify accounts.