Marshall Islands replace the dollar with crypto – May 28

Current Bitcoin Price: $7263 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

On Friday morning it felt like the market was starting to creep back up, but this weekend has been met with a lot of depreciation in the crypto market. Over the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has dipped by nearly two-thirds of a percent and Ethereum by six percent.

Nano (#36) is the only coin losing more than 10% of its value today, while Bitcoin Private (BTCP, #37) continues to ignore market trends — up by almost 10%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 28th May 2018

Marshall Islands replaces the US dollar with crypto

The Marshall Islands is a sovereign territory in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and has used the US dollar as its only currency since gaining independence in 1979.

Late last week, the country’s government made the decision to do away with the dollar and have replaced it with the world’s first sovereign cryptocurrency.

US criminal investigation into BTC price manipulation

There have been numerous allegations of price manipulation in the cryptocurrency market over the last few years, suggesting the presence of underground trading groups which collaborate to “pump and dump” cryptocurrencies or place numerous orders without executing them.

In light of this, the US Department of Justice has opened a probe into Bitcoin price manipulation, something which they have spent years fighting in traditional markets.

Verge developer steals code to fix exploit

Verge (XVG, #33) is starting to look worse and worse despite its high market ranking. Following numerous exploits in the last month, the developer has been making hotfixes to the code.

However, it appears that the most recent update to the Verge platform took code directly from lesser known cryptocurrency SHIELD (XSH, #376)

Frank Abagnale says “blockchain is the wave of the future”

Following an early adulthood of rampant con artistry, Frank Abagnale is now a senior security consultant, working with prestigious organizations among the ranks of and including the FBI.

When asked about the FBI’s stance towards cryptocurrencies, Frank said that “you’d have to be pretty ignorant not to realize that blockchain is the wave of the future.”

New industry partnership for VeChain

VeChain (VEN, #16) is coming up with new partnerships every week, especially local ones within Asia. There’s no shortage of valuable industry partnerships, either.

Their most recent partnership features Lingang International Manufacturing Exhibition Trading Center, which is a Chinese, state-owned platform for supporting smart manufacturing.