$50+ million crypto “stolen” from McAfee – August 27

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Since our last newsletter more than 2 weeks ago, the crypto market has been following a slow but sure uptrend — but not without the volatility all investors have come to know and love… Over the last 24 hours, coins have been marching up in value, but not at any significant pace: Bitcoin and Ethereum are both up around 0.5%, while most top-20 coins are up 1 to 4%.

IOTA is a strong performer today, having risen 12%, while Nano has just met an 11% correction to this week’s bull run, which has seen it quadruple in value since its floor at $0.80 per token.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 27th August 2018

$50+ million crypto “stolen” from McAfee

John McAfee is known across the world for having created the McAfee computer security suite, but has risen in fame over the last 5 years as a somewhat infamous cryptocurrency celebrity.

Among the endorsement of many ICOs and his own “unhackable” wallet, Team McAfee claims his personal accountant has stolen $50 to $100 million in crypto.

Upfiring to develop crypto-powered torrenting

Torrenting is one of the most unforeseen internet phenomena of the 21st century. It’s now commonplace for films and music to be downloaded off of the internet, so much so that companies like Netflix and Spotify have pushed hard to fill the gap for legal, on-demand content.

Upfiring embraces torrenting for what it is — regardless of how peer-to-peer file sharing is used — and is working to create an internet file sharing platform fuelled by cryptocurrency.

Zuckerberg’s sister working for Huobi

Mark Zuckerberg is the face of Facebook, one of the world’s largest technology companies and a big part of many individuals’ everyday lives. His sister also happens to be an entrepreneur.

Randi Zuckerberg, Mark’s elder sister, has just joined the Huobi exchange as an advisor. What will this mean for future partnerships?