Investors ready to pounce; $200m USDT created – April 10

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price: $5288

Over the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency market has climbed by an average of about 1.7%. Bitcoin and XRP are both up around 1.4%, while Ethereum is up more than 2%.

EOS is continuing to perform well, having climbed more than 5% in the last 24 hours alone. Almost all major currencies are in the green, though, with just two of the top-20 coins trading downwards today.

Top Stories for 10th April 2019 🔥

👉 Investors ready to pounce; $200m USDT created

Stablecoins provide an interesting insight into the minds of cryptocurrency investors. While the price of stablecoins are exactly that — stable — it’s the volume of stablecoins that enters or leaves the market which tells us whether investors are moving towards or away from true cryptocurrencies.

More than $200 million of USDT, the world’s most popular stablecoin, were created in the last 48 hours. What’s more, almost $10 million of alternative stablecoins like USDC and PAX were created in the last 24 hours alone. This may signal that some investors are ready to pounce and buy more traditional digital assets if the opportunity comes.

👉 27550 pounds of food delivered by crypto activists

Cryptocurrencies have their uses, but charity certainly isn’t the most popular of them. With that said, cryptocurrency communities have given rise to charitable projects before, like when Dogecoin community members raised thousands of dollars for the Jamaican bobsled team.

More recently, a cryptocurrency project and charitable initiative called Bitcoin Interest has arranged the donation of around 27550 pounds of food to Venezuelans, who are currently suffering from an economic crisis and looking to crypto to save their personal finances.

👉 Mozilla announces crypto security features for future browsers

Ever since webmasters discovered you could mine cryptocurrencies on the browsers of users, low quality websites have been flooded with the mining scripts. Although they might not be particularly harmful, these scripts slow down users’ browsers and could be the first step to building even bigger exploits.

Mozilla, the creator of popular web browser Mozilla Firefox, has announced that all future versions of Firefox will include functionality by default to prevent users’ browsers being used to mine cryptocurrency.