Mimblewimble Privacy Broken, 96% of Transactions Uncovered – November 19

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$8,146

Bitcoin price has fallen further over the last 24 hours of trading, bouncing off $8,000 support.

Top-20 altcoins have also performed poorly, with Ethereum down 1%, and XRP down 2%. Bitcoin SV is the biggest loser today, with a fall of 4%.

Top Stories for November 19, 2019 🔥

👉 Mimblewimble Privacy Broken, 96% of Transactions Uncovered

A researcher has managed to break the Mimblewimble privacy model, which is used by coins such as Grin, using only $60 per week of Amazon Web Services.

The exploit was published on Medium by Ivan Bogatyy, who managed to uncover the addresses of 96% of Grin transaction participants in real-time.

Bogatyy has concluded that the privacy model is fundamentally flawed, and can no longer be relied upon as a secure private cryptocurrency.

👉 Chinese President is Anti-Cryptocurrency

Weeks after his initial endorsement for blockchain technology, Chinese president Xi Jinping has clarified his stance on cryptocurrency itself.

A speech given by Jinping today brushed off cryptocurrencies as financial fraud, ponzi schemes, and unregistered securities.

👉 CME Requests Increase for Bitcoin Futures Limits

CME Group is attempting to increase limits on Bitcoin futures positions, via approval from the CFTC.

The increase would enable CME traders to double their monthly trading volumes, from the former limit of 1,000 contracts per month, to 2,000 contracts.