$300 million of Tether minted – April 25

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price: $5495

Overall the market outlook is pretty positive today, with cryptocurrencies up an average of 2% across the board. Bitcoin and Ethereum are both up an exact 1.3%, while XRP is up 1.8%.

Further afield most top cryptocurrencies are in the green by greater amounts — hence the circa 2% average. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and EOS are all up in the 2 to 3% range. Cardano and TRON are both up close to 7%, impressively.

Top Stories for 25th April 2019 🔥

👉 $300 million of Tether minted

Despite being an extremely controversial cryptocurrency project — mostly due to its shady business practices — Tether has been a major contributor to how cryptocurrencies are traded. Many larger investors purchase Tether or similar stablecoins before making moves in the more volatile assets.

Today, an exact $300 million of Tether were minted. Supposedly, this means an investor is planning to put $300 million into the cryptocurrency market. However, it could also be a less innocent move by the Tether team themselves.

👉 Brave Ads go live today

By now, you’ve probably heard plenty about the crypto-friendly Brave browser in this newsletter. Aside from including an ad-blocking experience and fast browsing capabilities out of the box, a major feature of Brave has been the option to view ads for rewards.

Brave Ads have just gone live, allowing users of the browser to choose the advertisements that interest them and earn rewards in the form of Basic Attention Token (BAT), which they can then use to tip their favorite publishers.

👉 TRON founder lies about partnership

TRON is one of those cryptocurrency projects known for an impressive number of partnerships and plenty of hype. Founder Justin Sun, however, has been called out for less-than-truthful claims.

The young CEO has just been outed for claiming a false partnership with Liverpool Football Club, one of the UK’s most popular teams. The claim was directly refuted by a spokesperson of the club.