Monero support for Ledger wallets – June 5

Current Bitcoin Price: $7442 (as of 8:10 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency charts are mixed today, although it’s mostly red. Bitcoin is down by one percent and Ethereum by half a percent, but a few major coins — Ripple, EOS, Monero, and Binance Coin — have been crawling back up over the last 24 hours.

DigixDAO, which was up by almost 25% yesterday, has been correcting: it’s down 12% this morning.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 5th June 2018

Monero support for Ledger wallets

Monero (XMR, #12) is ‘the’ privacy coin. It’s been a big name in the space for quite some time now, and in yesterday’s newsletter we even mentioned how it’s now a valid form of payment at Brisbane International Airport.

Yesterday, the Monero team released version of their proprietary wallet, Monero CLI, which provides full support for Ledger hardware wallets.

Coinbase coming to Japan

In the interests of remaining unbiased, we try not to talk about Coinbase in every single newsletter. However, as the world’s single largest fiat exchange, it’s hard not to.

Coinbase has great news for Japanese investors, as it’ll be launching with a local office in Japan.

1% of EOS addresses hold 86% of supply

EOS (#5) is an extremely popular coin, with a market cap of just over US $12 billion. It raised over 4 billion during its year-long ICO.

wealth distribution of the cryptocurrency shows that over 86% of the supply is held by 1% of addresses. Although this includes exchanges, it’s scary to think how much of the asset is controlled by so few.