Nasdaq Reportedly Creating Institutional Crypto Custody Services – September 20

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Bitcoin price is trying to hold onto the $19,000 level, as strength appears to be wavering around its recent range.

Top-20 altcoins are a maixed bag, as Ethereum rises 1%, XRP rallies a significant 15% and Cosmos falls 7%

Top Stories for September 20, 2022 πŸ”₯

πŸ‘‰ Nasdaq Reportedly Creating Institutional Crypto Custody Services

Nasdaq has reportedly assembled a new group focusing on crypto, with its first services being Bitcoin and Ether custody for institutions. The move includes a hiring Ira Auerbach, ex-lead of prime broker services at Gemini exchange, as head of the digital asset division.

According to the report, Auerbach believes the next phase of the “financial revolution” will be driven by institutional adoption, with Nasdaq being an optimal place to build trust in the crypto market.

πŸ‘‰ “Vanity Address” Bug Blamed For $160M Wintermute Hack

Wintermute, a major market making firm, has lost $160 million worth of crypto from its Ethereum vault – with experts blaming a “vanity address” bug for the hack.

A vanity address is a crypto address that contains identifiable names or numbers, whereas a regular address is simply a random sequence. It was uncovered recently, however, that vanity addresses are at risk of brute-force attacks.

Wintermute’s exploited address began with β€œ0x0000000”, which appears to be a vanity address. The hacker has deposited $114 million of the proceeds into DeFi protocol Curve.

πŸ‘‰ MicroStrategy Doubles-Down Yet Again, Purchases 301 Additional Bitcoins

MicroStrategy has continued to double-down on its Bitcoin bet, purchasing an additional 301 Bitcoins at an average price of $19,851 each.

The purchases occurred between August 2 and September 19 according to a filing with the SEC, bringing MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin holdings to almost 130,000 BTC – with an average purchase price of $30,639.