Nasdaq to add BTC, ETH tickers to service – February 13

Current Bitcoin Price: $3597 (as of 13:00 PM PST)

On average, the cryptocurrency market has fallen almost 1.5% today. This is mostly accounted for by 1% to 1.4% drops across the top three cryptocurrencies — Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP — as well as a significant 4.5% drop in the price of close contender EOS.

Litecoin is performing similarly poorly, having fallen more than 5% today, while Maker has shot up more than 11% to take post as the sixteenth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 13th February 2018

Nasdaq to add BTC, ETH tickers to service

Nasdaq, the world’s second largest stock exchange, also offers a market datafeed service known as the Global Data Index Data ServiceSM, or for short: GIDS.

Nasdaq will be adding Bitcoin and Ethereum price tickers to their service. The two new tickers, Bitcoin Liquid Index (BLX) and Ethereum Liquid Index (ELX), will offer the USD-equivalent spot price of each respective coin.

Authenticate video with the power of blockchain

Video evidence has always been an extremely powerful tool in the pursuit of justice, with the big caveat that it can be easily manipulated. This is because there’s no way of verifying that a video is the same unfiltered video that was recorded at the time it was claimed to be.

Amber Authenticate is the blockchain tool built to fix this problem. By running in the background on video recording devices, Amber Authenticate will generate hashes of the video data and publish those to a public blockchain, which could later be used to verify the authenticity of the recorded video.

QuadrigaCX “loses” further 100 BTC

QuadrigaCX was a cryptocurrency exchange offering fiat and crypto pairs that saw spotty uptime through January, and, just recently, it was announced that the exchange’s owner — the only person to hold keys to the majority of its funds — had passed away.

Having lost access to almost all of its users funds already, the QuadrigaCX team has allegedly sent a further 100 Bitcoin (representing a large part of their remaining funds) to a cold wallet which they claim to be unable to access.