Crypto market cap reaches new 2018 low – September 18

Current Bitcoin Price: $6372 (as of 8:00 AM PST)

There’s a surprising amount of green on the 24 hour charts today, despite some coins falling to new lows overnight. Bitcoin is up 0.77% while Ethereum is up 1.09%, but very interestingly, Ripple is up more than 18% in the wake of yesterday’s news of their new product release.

Top-20 coins that are trading down today include Dash, IOTA, Tezos, and Dogecoin — down 0.99%, 1.13%, 5.67%, and 3.70%, respectively.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 18th September 2018

Crypto market cap reaches new 2018 low

Cryptocurrencies have been up and down all year, with charts showing Bitcoin having traded in a descending triangle pattern from as early as December this year — which means lower highs but pretty similar lows.

Despite today’s mostly positive outlook on the market, we’ve seen the total cryptocurrency market capitalization fall to a new low for 2018 over the last 24 hours. This low equated to about $186 billion in market cap, which has since recovered to over $200 billion.

Bitcoin is 300x cheaper than wire transfers

Bitcoin’s transaction fees have been a topic of heated discussion in recent years, and have even resulted in the creation of numerous forks to create a cheaper, more efficient network.

However, the leading virtual currency isn’t doing bad. According to statistics published earlier today, using Bitcoin to send money is up to 300 times cheaper than a wire transfer — with banks taking approximately 83 percent of the traditional transfer fees.

Elon Musk reaches out to Dogecoin founder for help

Cryptocurrency scams are rampant on Twitter, with thousands upon thousands of fake accounts, impersonating notable figures from throughout the space, posting links to “giveaways.”

Amazingly, Elon Musk has taken to Twitter to ask Dogecoin’s founder, Jackson Palmer, for help.