Northern Trust opens up to crypto – August 1

Current Bitcoin Price: $7606 (as of 8:30 AM PST)

The 24 hour charts for major coins are definitely looking mixed today, with Bitcoin and Ethereum down almost 2%, but Ripple, Stellar, and Monero up more than 2%. Generally, prices are down for top-100 coins — but nothing major following yesterday’s hit.

VeChain, the 18th largest coin by market cap, is seeing the dark side of crypto today — it’s down over 10%. Similarly, coin #32 — Ontology — is down just under 5%.

Featured Coin: Cardano

This week’s featured coin is Cardano — the eight most popular token by market cap. Cardano, with its proprietary Ada cryptocurrency, is pushing to create an advanced smart contract platform with an accessible regulatory framework. Read more at

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 1st August 2018

Northern Trust opens up to crypto

Northern Trust is a financial services company operating out of the US that manages over $10 trillion in assets for a range of corporations and investors. Of late, they’ve been working on building a portfolio in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

As of yesterday, Northern Trust has now expanded into managing cryptocurrency hedge funds — specifically betting on major coins Bitcoin and Ethereum.

$415 million long liquidated on OKex

OKex is a lesser-known Bitcoin exchange for clients across the world. In addition to standard trading features, it offers leveraged futures trading against cryptocurrency assets.

It appears that an OKex trader has racked up a $460 million long position with $415 million liquidated, meaning that the exchange will have to find 950 Bitcoin to fund the counter-position. Users are extremely concerned, since the exchange only has an insurance fund of 10 BTC.

Binance acquires Trust Wallet

Binance is no-doubt the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, offering a wide range of trading pairs between even the most obscure tokens. As a result of their huge business, they’ve been continuing to grow their business.

The exchange just announced their first official acquisition — Binance will be taking over a standalone cryptocurrency wallet, Trust Wallet, to improve the architecture of its platform