Number Of “Dormant” Bitcoins Nears All-Time Highs – February 22

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$23,606

Bitcoin price has pulled back further after failing to break the $25,000 mark, now sitting in the mid $23,000s Wednesday.

Top-20 altcoins have followed suit, as Ether drops 4%, BNB falls 3% and Solana tumbles 5% on the day.

Top Stories for February 22, 2022 🔥

👉 Number Of “Dormant” Bitcoins Nears All-Time Highs

The amount of dormant Bitcoin has reached a high, with 14.99 million Bitcoins worth $370 billion not moving for at least six months.

This shift in investor behavior towards holding for the long term, as opposed to pursuing profits through trading, is seen as the reason for the lack of movement. This marks a turning point in the cycle, according to blockchain analysis firm Glassnode.

Other chains like Ethereum have seen more movement due to their communities building tools and services aimed at profit.

👉 EU’s Revised AML Bill Excludes Ban On Self-Hosted Wallets

The latest version of the European Union’s anti-money laundering bill draft clarifies that self-hosted wallets will not be banned, with a possible exception for those that use privacy-enhancing and anonymizing instruments.

However, the regulation imposes a €1,000 transaction limit on self-hosted wallets if the owner’s identity cannot be identified. Members of the European Parliament still have until March 28 to debate the files before the regulation undergoes a plenary vote in April, subject to changes.

👉 Google Cloud To Become Tezos Network Validator

Google Cloud will become a validator on the Tezos network, enabling its corporate customers to deploy Tezos nodes and build Web3 applications.

This marks the latest blockchain integration by Google Cloud, which had earlier begun running a node-hosting service for Ethereum projects and become a validator on Solana.

The move reflects the increasing interest of technology giants in blockchain and Web3 projects and may boost confidence for other firms entering the industry.