NVO exit scam is confirmed – August 8

Current Bitcoin Price: $6432 (as of 9:30 AM PST)

The cryptocurrency market has taken a huge hit today, with coins across the board tumbling in price an average of 10 to 15 percent. Bitcoin is down just 8% — a feat in itself when looking at Ethereum’s minus 11%, Ripple’s minus 19%, and so on and so forth. There’s only one non-Tether coin in the green, but otherwise all top-20 coins are down more than 8%…

Featured Coin: Tether

Today’s featured coin is Tether — ninth in popularity by market cap. Tether’s main selling point is that each USDT token is backed by a US dollar, which supposedly offers the best of both the crypto and fiat worlds. Read more at http://www.bitcoinprice.com/usdt.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 8th August 2018

NVO exit scam is confirmed

The crypto market is a dangerous place, what with its extreme volatility, digital security concerns, and worst of all its scams. Unfortunately, today’s news falls into the last category.

An exit scam with the NVO project has just been confirmed. Their team raised 3000 BTC in a 2017 ICO, and have continued to lead investors on until today.

Binance charging 400 BTC for listings

In both bull and bear markets, there’s only one party reaping the gains for sure — and that’s the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges traders and investors use everyday… like Binance.

Binance is supposedly charging cryptocurrency projects 400 BTC — the equivalent of $2.5 million — to have their token listed on the exchange.

Amazon executive joins Coinbase

Surprisingly, it’s not all bad news amidst the bear market chaos, as the crypto-sphere is continuing to see new and enthusiastic faces moving into the scene

An Amazon executive, Tim Wagner, has left his job at several Amazon Web Service subsidiaries to join the Coinbase team.