Oyster Pearl founder exit scams – October 30

Current Bitcoin Price: $6301 (as of 12:00 AM PST)

Bitcoin has found support just above the 6300 dollar mark, resulting in a slow, sideways grind which the rest of the market has chosen to follow.

It takes looking as far as the 20th biggest coin to see real movement beyond a single percentage point. The example in question is VeChain, which has fallen more than 3%, but the swings become bigger the smaller the coin.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 30th October 2018

Oyster Pearl founder exit scams

Among many other small cryptocurrency projects out there, Oyster Pearl was a project that saw much shilling on the Reddit cryptocurrency community. This had resulted in its market cap booming to above $100 million back in December.

Unfortunately, the anonymous founder of Oyster Pearl has used an exploit to reactivate token distribution, allowing him to collect more than $300,000 in coins which he quickly sold off on KuCoin. The remaining team maintains no knowledge of the scam, and are looking to rebuild the project from the ground up with a new token.

Korea trading volume skyrockets

The Asian markets are just as big as the Western ones, with a huge fraction of the world’s population accounted for by just China and India. However, Asia features several other strong economies, such as those of Japan and South Korea…

Interestingly, trading volume in South Korea has skyrocketed this month, with it accounting for over 50% of the global trading volume on some days.

Americans want crypto for political funding

In the latest news story on BitcoinPrice.com, we revealed how a majority of Americans believe cryptocurrency is as good as fiat for political funding, according to a recent report.