Peirce: SEC shouldn’t hold back in approving ETF – September 19

Current Bitcoin Price: $6358 (as of 9:30 AM PST)

Cryptocurrencies are trading sideways yet again, with Bitcoin down less than $20 from yesterday’s price and Ethereum down similarly by a few dollars. While Ripple is trading in the green after yesterday’s pump, it’s behaving similarly in that it’s moved less than 1% in that direction.

Most top-20 cryptocurrencies haven’t moved more than 3% in value today, with the exceptions being Cardano — up 3.5% — and Dogecoin — down 8.4%.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 19th September 2018

Peirce: SEC shouldn’t hold back in approving ETF

Exchanges have been pushing to create a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund, or ETF, for months now. The big call lies in the hands of the US’ regulatory body, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who recently voted to delay their decision on an earlier crypto ETF.

Pro-ETF commissioner Hester Peirce has spoken out, saying that the SEC shouldn’t hold back in approving crypto products on the grounds of market instabilities. To quote:

“[The order] focused on the alleged flaws with bitcoin markets, rather than on whether the exchange proposing to trade shares of the trust had taken steps to ensure the orderly trading of those shares.”

Accept Ripple on YouTube and Twitch

Ripple is a controversial cryptocurrency for its centralized token distribution, but there’s no doubt that the project has been covering real ground of late by building partnership after partnership.

The latest in good news for Ripple comes in the form of Coil, a startup designed to help content creators earn for their work, which is now allowing XRP payments for YouTube and Twitch creators.

50% of dApps are for gambling

dApps, or decentralized apps, are one of the primary use cases for blockchain technology — and the primary use case of protocols like Ethereum and EOS. But what can you actually build with a dApp?

The possibilities may be endless, but recent statistics show that around half of dApps are designed to facilitate gambling over the blockchain!