Report on PlusToken Scam Blamed for Bitcoin Plunge – December 17

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$6,902

Bitcoin has plunged 4% today, finally breaking the $7,000 mark and settling around $6,900.

Top-20 altcoins did even worse, with XRP plummeting 7%, and Ethereum 6% overnight. Tezos was the only major coin in the green today, rising 3%.

Top Stories for December 17, 2019 🔥

👉 Report on PlusToken Scam Blamed for Bitcoin Plunge

A report by Chainalysis, which covered the alleged ponzi scheme “PlusToken”, has been blamed by some traders for today’s Bitcoin selloff.

The report claims that a combined $239 million worth of Bitcoin and Ether remain controlled by those behind PlusToken. They have allegedly already liquidated another $185 million of stolen Bitcoin.

👉 BAT’s Brave Browser Hits 350,000 Verified Publishers 

Brave, the privacy browser created to integrate the BAT token, has reportedly reached a milestone of more than a third of a million verified publishers.

The browser has also achieved over 40 millions downloads on the Google Play Store, and the BAT token has hit over 220,000 addresses.

👉 “Russian Silk Road” to Raise $146 in ICO

A Russian darknet marketplace is looking to raise $146m in crypto, in an effort to make their operation global.

It is thought that the offering will be the first of a new wave of ICOs for online marketplaces which operate in grey or black-market areas.

The ICO is based on a new technology from Bitcoin Cash, which involves the use of ERC-20-like tokens.