Poland takes banking records to the blockchain – May 15

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As with every day in the cryptocurrency market, most coins have been repeatedly shifting up and down a few percent over the last 24 hours. No surprise, then, that we’re left at pretty similar prices to those that we had this time yesterday.

In the top 25 coins, big movers have been Zcash, which is up 26% thanks to a listing on the Gemini exchange, and Bytecoin, which is down 9%.

Some great stories for today: Poland has adopted blockchain technology for storing its banking records, ICON coin and instant messaging app LINE have teamed up, and the huge Korean exchange UPbit dispels fraud allegations.

What’s more, we had Dutch national exams quizzing students on the math behind Bitcoin

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 15th May 2018

Poland takes banking records to the blockchain

We’ve seen blockchain adoption in the most unlikely of places, and after Poland put forward some very unfavorable crypto taxation laws while the PM called Bitcoin a “Ponzi scheme”, we certainly didn’t think they would be pioneers in the space any time soon.

However, Poland’s credit information bureau, Biuro Informacji Kredytowej (BIK), has just teamed up with fintech group Billon Digital to store consumer credit data on the ledger.

ICON coin and LINE app team up in joint venture

As of today, ICON (ICX) is the 19th biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, and LINE is a free instant communication app popular in Asia especially. Reddit user healthilydetatched wrote that it’s like a “Whatsapp + Facebook + Twitter combined”, adding that “there’s not a single person I’ve seen who doesn’t use it as their main SNS to chat with people [in Japan]”.

Well, the two have just cofounded Unchain, which looks to build DApp, or “decentralized app” solutions. Supposedly, LINE expertise will help in building most of the app functionality itself, while ICON expertise will be used to build a token-powered backend for the app.

UPbit dispels last week’s fraud allegations

UPbit is Korea’s leading cryptocurrency exchange and the 5th biggest in the world, trading around a billion dollars of crypto assets every day. Unfortunately, last week saw fraud allegations thrown at UPbit, suggesting that customer funds had been withdrawn to an executive account. Would this explain the tumble the market took on Friday?

Fortunately, an audit of internal accounts showed that all coins were accounted for and any claims of fraud were unfounded. Some speculate that this may have been caused by a government misunderstanding of their multiple wallets.