Poloniex enables debit and credit card crypto purchases – July 10

📈 30 Second Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$12,571

The 24 hour change for the cryptocurrency market is positive 1.5%, although that really doesn’t reflect what’s actually going on. Bitcoin is up nearly 4%, while almost all altcoins are in the red. Ethereum and XRP are both down around 4%, while smaller altcoins in the top-20 have been hit for as much as 7%.

Top Stories for 10th July 2019 🔥

👉 Poloniex enables debit and credit card crypto purchases

There are plenty of cryptocurrency exchanges for trading between cryptocurrencies, but there are significantly fewer options for buying and selling cryptocurrencies with fiat money.

Poloniex, a crypto-to-crypto exchange, has just enabled debit and credit card crypto purchases on its platform. The purchasing functionality was made possible by integrating Simplex, the same purchasing gateway Binance recently began using.

👉 Samsung releases Ethereum development kit

Samsung has shown quite a bit of interest in cryptocurrencies recently. Most notably, they introduced an Ethereum wallet into the newest model of their flagship Galaxy telephone series.

The Korean tech giant has just released a SDK, or Software Development Kit, for the Ethereum blockchain, thereby allowing developers to leverage blockchain technology in apps for Samsung telephones.

👉 NYAG: Tether has been loaning USDT to traders

Tether has been under investigation of late by the New York Attorney General. Anyone who follows the crypto space will know they have met a fair few allegations — some as severe as manipulating the entire cryptocurrency market.

In Section 22 of a new report from the NYAG, it is found that Tether has been loaning USDT to cryptocurrency traders. It’s unclear whether the loaned money came from Tether’s personal reserves or had effectively been “printed”.