Poly Network Hacker Returns $258M, Runs Q&A Session – August 12

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$45,414

Bitcoin price is hovering around the $45,000 level as momentum appears to have tapered off following its rapid run.

Top-20 altcoins have also slowed down, as Ethereum falls 2%, Cardano gains 1% and XRP stands out with a 13% rise.

Top Stories for August 12, 2021 🔥

👉 Poly Network Hacker Returns $258M, Runs Q&A Session

The hacker that exploited the Poly Network yesterday has returned almost half of the funds and conducted a Q&A session on the hack.

After returning $258M, the hacker answered questions via Ethereum transaction messages, claiming that they were simply attempting to salvage the funds from being exploited by anyone else who discovered the bug.

Users, noticed however that the hacker also asked for guidance on how to use privacy protocol Tornado Cash without being stopped by miners.

👉 Samsung To Test South Korean CBDC On Mobile Phones

It has been reported that Samsung Electronics will be part of South Korea’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) pilot, testing it on the Galaxy smartphone.

Among the tests will be remittances with banks, as well as the examination of whether payments can be made via the mobile devices without internet availability.

👉 Messi Receives PSG Fan Tokens As Part Of Signing Deal

Lionel Messi has received PSG fan tokens, as part of his signing deal with football club Paris Saint-Germain. The club has stated that it is a “large number of tokens”.

The tokens are blockchain-based and powered by Socios.com. They give fans the right to vote on club-related decisions, as well as additional club-related benefits.