PwC: More banks to enter crypto – December 26

Current Bitcoin Price: $3843 (as of 12:00 AM PST)

Christmas is just behind us and the cryptocurrency markets are still uncertain! Ethereum is up half a percent, Bitcoin itself is up by just one percent, and XRP is down a similar amount.

Looking further afield, the charts do get a little bit more exciting. Bitcoin Cash is up 5%, solidifying its place as the fourth largest cryptocurrency following its recent battle with Litecoin — which stands among Monero and Stellar as one of the few top-20 currencies that’s dropped in value today.

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 26th December 2018

PwC: More banks to enter crypto

PricewaterhouseCoopers is an international business services firm that specializes in consulting and auditing with various tax, regulatory, and other business issues. They know better than anyone that regulatory clarity is essential for adopting new technologies.

The PwC China executive Henri Arslanian has predicted an increase in regulation for cryptocurrencies in the new year, and expects that more banks will get involved as a result.

Crypto may be legalized in India

As it stands, India is one of the many countries that has an unclear stance towards cryptocurrency. It’s not banned and it’s not not banned, but government officials seem to have a negative stance either way.

A government committee has announced that it is likely cryptocurrencies will shortly be legalized in India. Interestingly, Facebook’s proprietary cryptocurrency looks to be launching first in the country, suggesting that they had known about the upcoming changes.

44,000 people produce heat for 1 BTC per month

As a fun fact to end the newsletter, it’s been calculated that 44,000 (yes, forty-four thousand!) people would produce the heat equivalent to the amount of energy needed to mine one Bitcoin per month.