Roger Ver Abondons Bitcoin Cash Mining – April 10

📈 30 Second Cryptocurrency Price Summary

Current Bitcoin Price$6,904

Bitcoin price has fallen 5% over the last 24 hours, as it fails to hold above the $7,000 mark.

Top-20 altcoins have also fallen hard, erasing the last few days of gains. Ethereum has fallen 7%, XRP 6% and Bitcoin SV takes a 12% hit.

Top Stories for April 10, 2020 🔥

👉 Roger Ver Abondons Bitcoin Cash Mining

Roger Ver’s mining pool has almost entirely dropped out of mining Bitcoin Cash as the group’s hashrate drops by 92%.

Other mining pools have also dropped out following the BCH block reward halving yesterday, which reduced the mining reward from 12.5 to 6.25 BCH.

The overall fall in hashpower has left the network exposed, with one mining pool – – in control of over 51% of the hash rate.

👉 Toronto Stock Exchange Lists Bitcoin Fund

The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) has listed a $14 million Bitcoin fund, giving users of the exchange exposure to Bitcoin price.

The fund – simply called “The Bitcoin Fund” – began trading on the exchange yesterday, and tracks the price of Bitcoin using an index feed co-developed by a subsidiary of VanEck Europe.

👉 COVID Response KN95 Masks to be Authenticated via Blockchain

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that it has approved the use of KN95 masks in the United States, a Chinese mask standard similar to N95.

A technology company, Real Items, is working on a blockchain platform which will be used to authenticate the authenticity of such masks, in a way that will integrate with Shopify.