Manufacturing giant Rostec to use Waves – September 13

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The cryptocurrency market is pushing hard to recover today. While Bitcoin is only trading up a nominal 3% today, Ethereum has surged up more than 17% in response to recent downtrends. Moving on, all other top-10 coins are up more than 6% — barring Stellar, which is up only 5.93%

Community favorite NANO is doing extremely well today — more than 37% in the green — met with competition by only Aurora (#95).

Top Bitcoin & Crypto News Stories for 13th September 2018

Manufacturing giant Rostec to use Waves

Rostec is a state-owned conglomerate of more than 700 Russian industry businesses, while Waves is a blockchain platform for the tokenization of any assets.

Rostec is set to manage data from its 700+ companies, including firearms producer Kalashnikov, on the Waves platform — with a combined budget of $2 million to get the project going.

IOTA releases Qubic roadmap

IOTA is a fast, low-free cryptocurrency built on no ordinary blockchain. The Tangle-based platform aims to facilitate microtransactions — of currency and information likewise — on the Internet of Things.

The IOTA team has just released a dateless roadmap for their Qubic project, which stands for Quoram-based computations, detailing the subproducts to be built further down the line.

Malta eyes Waves for asset tokenization

Russia may have its sights on Waves, but so does Malta. Malta is the so-called “blockchain island”, deemed as such for its many pro-cryptocurrency developments in recent months.

The Waves team recently met with Malta’s prime minister (among others) to discuss the tokenization of government and corporate financial assets.