Galaxy S10 wallet without Bitcoin! – March 6

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The cryptocurrency market is churning sideways today, following yesterday’s 4% growth. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP are all in the green today, but by less than just 0.5%.

Litecoin has posted impressive gains of 4.6% today, on similar gains of the same size just yesterday. Meanwhile, Bitcoin Cash has fallen almost half a percent. Most smaller altcoins are trading down one or two percent.

Top Crypto News Stories for 6th March 2018

Galaxy S10 wallet without Bitcoin!

The last few weeks have seen growing rumors of cryptocurrency wallet functionality on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone. Although these allegations were previously denied, it’s looking more and more like wallets will become a default feature of the phone.

Interestingly, an unboxing video of the Samsung Galaxy S10 shows a cryptocurrency wallet application without support for Bitcoin! Instead, the wallet appears to show support for just Ethereum.

IOTA launches Coordinator-free testnet

IOTA is a cryptocurrency network that uses a unique distributed ledger technology (DLT) known as the Tangle. Until now, the Tangle has required a so-called Coordinator — which is an IOTA-operated node — to confirm transactions and ensure the smooth functioning of the network.

Today, IOTA launched a testnet for their first, Coordinator-free network. This is certainly a step in the right direction for the decentralization of the IOTA network!

Swiss Stock Exchange launches ETH product

The SIX Stock Exchange is Switzerland’s largest stock exchange, and it’s already expressed some interest in bringing cryptocurrencies to one of the world’s wealthiest markets — having implemented a Bitcoin exchange traded product, or ETP.

Today, the stock exchange launched an exchange traded product for the world’s second most popular cryptocurrency: Ethereum!